Armenian History in English

Armenian History ebooks in English

Armenian History 16th-20th c. :  ARMENIA: The Survival of a Nation / by Christopher J. Walker, 1990 (in unicode). See the Table of Contents. You may also download the PDF version.

History of Armenia / by Father Michael Chamchian  (Tchamtchian or Chamich – 1736-1823). Translated from the Armenian, by Johannes Avdall, Calcutta, 1827 (2 vol.) : See vol. 1 and its Table of contents. See vol. 2 and its Table of contents (digitized by the Library of Congress)

  • On the Origins of the Armenian people

Armenian Origins. An Overview of Ancient and Modern Sources and Theories / by Thomas J. Samuelian, 2000 (on Arak29)

  • On political history

The Armenian revolutionary movement : the development of Armenian political parties through the 19th c. / Louise Nalbandian, Berkeley 1963 (partial access on Google Books)

  • On the genocide (1915-1917)

Two war years in Constantinople, sketches of German and Young Turkish ethics and politics, by Harry Stuermer, London, 1917 (on

Between the Two Rivers: A Story of the Armenian Genocide / by Aida Kouyoumjian, Coffeetown Press; 2nd edition, 2011 (on your Kindle or on your PC;  payment required : Sold by Amazon Digital Services)

THE HISTORY OF THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE. Ethnic Conflict from the Balkans to Anatolia to the Caucasus, Third, Revised Edition / by Vahakn N. Dadrian, Providence • Oxford 1997  (payment required on Questia)

“The murderous tyranny of the Turks” / by Arnold J. Toynbee, London 1917

The Armenian genocide in perspective / by Richard G. Hovannisian ed., New Brunswick 1986 (only partial access)

See also maps

The horrors of Aleppo / by Dr. Martin Niepage, a German eyewitness, London 1917

Out of Turkey. The Life Story of Donik “Haji Bey” Yessaian / A family memoir as recollected by Harry Yessaian, The University of Michigan-Dearborn 1994

  • On Marache/Marash 1920

Les massacres des Arméniens de Marache en 1920 (Recueil de documents) = 1920 թվականի հայերի կոտորածները Մարաշում (Փաստաթղթերի ժողովածու) / Վարուժան Պողոսյան, Երևան : ՀՀ ԳԱԱ պատմ. ինստ., 2010 (Documents in English and French)

  • On the situation of the Armenian Diaspora today

Diaspora-Homeland Issue Paper / by Thomas J. Samuelian (on Arak29)

  • On Turkey

Turkification of the toponyms in the Ottoman empire and the republic of Turkey / by  Lusine Sahakyan, Montreal 2010 (70 p.) (on Ararat Center)

British Foreign Office Archives on Armenians and Greeks in the Ottoman Empire : Reports received from Her Majesty’s consuls relating to the condition of Christians in Turkey, 1861 (on Internet Archive)


  • On Artsakh-Karabagh

The Invention of History / by Rouben Galichian, London 2010 (on Haybook)

  • On cultural history

Modern Armenian Literature and intellectual history from 1700 to 1915″ / By Vahe Oshagan, in The Armenian People from Ancient to Modern Times, ed. Richard G. Hovannisian, New York 1997, p. 139-174. (partial access on Google Books)

A history of Armenian women’s writing, 1880-1922 / Victoria Rowe, Amersham 2003 (partial access on Google Books)

  • On liberation attempts in the 18th century

Life and adventures of Emin Joseph Emin, 1726-1809, written by himself, 1918 (1st edition : London 1792) (Fantastic travel stories of a man who dedicated his life to the liberation of Armenia : born in Iran, he travelled to India, England, Russia, Georgia and Armenia)

  • On Armenian Cilicia

The Armenian kingdom in Cilicia during the Crusades: the integration of Cilician Armenians with the Latins / Jacob G. Ghazarian, Surrey 2000 (partial access on Google Books)

  • Armenia in the maps of the Middle Ages

Countries South of the Caucasus in the Middle Ages in Medieval Maps / Rouben Galichian, London 2007

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