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Թուային գրադարաններու կապեր կամ յղումներ՝

Armenian electronic texts

HayBook offers only a selection of the Armenian ebooks available on the internet. You will find many other references in Armenian or about Armenian language and culture on these websites :

For western Armenian :

  • Gallica, the digital library of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, displays ebooks in Armenian and French (Paris). You will find there also ancient maps of Armenia, drawings, photography and old records of Armenian music
  • Aram is an association based in Marseille (France) dedicated to protecting Armenian memory. It has an ambitious digitization program in Westen Armenian.
  • Lexilogos offers various resources on Armenian dictionaries and grammars online

For eastern Armenian :

  • A portal for all electronic resources available in Armenia (Erevan) : ARAR
  • From ARAR, you will have access, for example, to the biggest Armenian library catalogue, the  Consortium of Armenian libraries’ catalogue (Erevan). You will find there all the published books in Armenian, from the origins to nowadays. A perfect tool to prepare a bibliography in Armenian
  • Electronic archives about prominent scholars and newspapers of Armenia (and other topics) : Armenian digital library (Erevan)
  • Armenian Legal Information System (ARLIS) is a database of the laws of Armenia (Erevan)

For classical Armenian :

  • A great browser which offers more than a hundred ancient books (1512-1800) : Armenian Rare Books
  • Internet Archive is an Internet library. It offers access to book collections that exist in digital format. It contains hundreds of ebooks related to Armenian language and history in Armenian and English.
  • The Armenian section of the Goussen library collection offers more than a hundred ancient books on Armenian language and history.
  • The Leiden Armenian Lexical Textbase contains classical Armenian texts and translations up to the eighth century (in unicode). Four major Armenian dictionaries have been included. (90 US$ payment required)

Armenian Libraries in the world :

You will find all the links to the major Armenian collections from Armenia and from the diaspora in the Global Armenian Library Network (=, created by the Zohrab Center in New York, but you can have access here directly to two symbols of Armenian book culture :

  • the Matenadaran, the major institution for manuscript preservation : Մատենադարան. It offers an iconographic index, digitized manuscripts, a virtual visit of the museum, a newsletter, the manuscript catalogue and many other resources which all can be consulted only through the main page. See also the list of Matenadaran publications (1994-2006)

Newspapers of the Armenian Diaspora on the web

Ebooks in English :

  • The Questia collection includes academically-oriented and scholarly materials in the humanities and social sciences, including Armenian topics.
  • Google Books
  • You will find translations of Armenian medieval historians on the Internet Medieval Sourcebook
  • Imprescriptible, a selection of books in PDF on the genocide

Ebooks en français :

Resources in Russian :

Publishing houses of the Diaspora on the web

Bookstores of the Diaspora on the web

Sites francophones :

  • Diasporamag propose un agenda des événements arméniens en France et un joli lieu de rencontre numérique pour les associations arméniennes francophones. Il a également l’élégance de s’ouvrir à d’autres diasporas francophones.
  • Le Collectif VAN (Vigilance Arménienne contre le Négationnisme) est un excellent site d’information sur la défense des droits de l’homme et la lutte contre le négationnisme du génocide arménien.
  • Un blog littéraire de l’écrivain Denis Donikian : Ecrittératures
  • Armenian Trends – Mes Arménies (Paris)

Armenian Blogs

Armenian History


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